Using Tor as a Network Wide Proxy

Running Tor on a computer is really resource demanding as well as time consuming to start every time you restart a computer. Recently I needed to use Tor on multiple computers at the same time so instead of having to start  it on every computer I wanted use anonymously I decided to set it up as a proxy server on just one computer. There were a few modifications I had to make to Tor for it to be usable as a network proxy you can download Tor Proxy here. So far the only browser that is able to really us Tor Proxy is Firefox, so I’ll be showing you how to use it on that.

Open up your Firefox settings and go to your advanced options. Once your there select Connections and Settings.

When you open that select Manual proxy options.

You need to find the LAN IP address of the computer you are running the modified version of Tor on.  In order to do this type ifconfig into your command line. It should give information on eth0 and wlan0 under the eth0 option find your local IP address it should look something like
Once you have that you copy and paste that address into the SOCKS Host: option. Then for the port put 9100. Make sure you have SOCKS v5 selected.  After your done whenever you us Firefox you need to have the host computer turned on with the modified version of Tor running. If you want to use Firefox without  a proxy on when you don’t need it Quick Proxy is a good option.

Doing It Youself

If you don’t trust my preconfigured and optimized Tor Proxy package here’s how you can configure your own Tor Browser Bundle to support un-optimized network proxy.

  1. Navigate to Tor Browser Bundle/Data/tor/torrc

2. It should look something like above. The part you want to change is SocksListenAddress it should be changed to SocksListenAddress If you are modifying this while Tor is still running you need to shut down completely and start it a gain to be able to connect.

I really recommend that you use Tor Proxy it will give you a much faster and more fluid version of Tor when it comes to being used as a SOCKS proxy.


3 thoughts on “Using Tor as a Network Wide Proxy

    1. ctrlaltnarwhale Post author

      I think that’s basically what this guide shows you how to do. Unless we have a different definition of transparent proxy.


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