Cookie Cadger Is Free! But How Do I Use It?

Cookie Cadger is now free but I’ve had some people asking how you set your card into monitor mode a requirement for Cookie Cadger. Before you set into monitor mode download Cookie Cadger you will need Java 7 installed as well as a package called tshark, normally part of the wireshark package though I had to install it from my package manager. I know you asked for a guide to use Cookie Cadger I hope you can get by with just a guide to monitor mode until I get home. You can now use the guide Cadger for basic capture. Also for Mac users I’ve written a guide for setting your card into monitor mode the usage of Cookie Cadger is exactly the same on any OS.

First step to begin hacking the WEP networks is to put your wireless network card into monitor mode. For this we will use ifconfig and iwconfig. These instructions may not work for your card. I will explain how to set it up with atheros chipset cards in a separate post. This is for Broadcoms or RT2500 and most other stock cards.

Step 1: Open a shell
Now we want to see what the cards installed on our computer are known as.

Step 2: At the prompt type iwconfig
You will see something like this:

lo no wireless extensions

eth0 IEEE 802.11b/g ESSID:Off/any Nickname: "Broadcom 4311"

Mode: Managed Frequency=2.437 GHz...

Disregard the ‘lo’ card. Your card is the one or more other cards listed. In my case the card is known as ‘eth0’ yours also could be know as ‘wlan0’. As we can also see in the second line, the card is currently in managed mode, we must get it into monitor mode.

We also need our card to be “UP”. To check the up and down status, we use:


The results should show your card and the second line of the cards information should start with ‘UP’. If your card is not shown or if it is not showing it with the word ‘UP’, then we must put it up. If you’re not sure, you can also put it up and there will be no harm done. Here’s how we do it.

ifconfig eth0 up

Now type ifconfig again and you should see your card and marked as up.

 iwconfig eth0 mode monitor

In case you couldn’t tell, this places the card into monitor mode. Doing iwconfig again should now show mode as monitor.

If you followed these steps correctly you should be able to start up Cookie Cadger, Aircrack or any thing else that requires monitor mode and it should work exactly how you want it to. I’m writing this from my phone but I’ll be post some screen shots later on. If you have any questions ask them in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Cookie Cadger Is Free! But How Do I Use It?

  1. ZzZ

    I have a TL-WN422G (Atheros Ath9k_htc) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    Can I use airmon-ng to start monitor mode on mon0 then use mon0 in cookie cadger ?
    do i need to be associated (connected) to the wifi/AP to be able to use cookie cadger ?
    I cannot seem to associate with any AP when in monitor mode. Is that normal ?
    Btw great blog

    1. ctrlaltnarwhal Post author

      Your need to be associated with the network before you set into monitor mode. Yes you do need to have some kind of connection to the network. Any capture interface should work including mon0.

      1. ZzZ

        when “ifconfig wlan”1 is up and i try “iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor”, i get:
        “Error for wireless request “Set Mode” (8B06) :
        SET failed on device wlan1 ; Operation not permitted.”

        if i do “ifconfig wlan1 down” then i can do “iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor” successfully. After that i can do “ifconfig wlan1 up” again. It is correctly set to monitor mode but then it cannot associate with the AP…

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