A Study On Russian Cyber Crime

As we all know a lot of the crime that happens on the internet originates in Russia. Mostly because of Russia’s rather relaxed approach to enforcing any laws on internet interactions. With the relative lack of control over what goes on on the internet in Russia, a large underground network for cyber criminals has developed. They sell some perfectly normally things VPN’s, bullet proof VPS’s as well as dedicated servers. But what is also on the market are things like Botnets, DDOS attacks, root kits and some other pretty sketchy stuff.

Reading about it is rather interesting you begin to see how you could relativity cheaply DDOS anyone you want or even have custom made rootkits made specially for you. It kind of scares me that if I was to make someone mad how easy it would be for them to screw up my life. As long as they know where to look.

If you interested in learning more about how this Russian cyber crime works, Trend Micro has a great white paper on the subject. if you don’t want to find it on the site you can just download it.


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