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Has Anonymous Really Called It Quits?

From looking at this video it would seem that Anonymous has finished it’s mission and has dissolved the organization. This may be the end of Anonymous sanctioned attacks against their opponents. But I really doubt that Anonymous really will dissolve, it seems to me to be more of a lose connection of affiliated hackers then a real defined organization. Also it connecting it’s self to the Illuminati was kind of strange, though the two organizations do seem to have a similar agenda.  I actually do support Anonymous and their cause, they seem to be much more interested in the good of the common people than the Illuminati. In all likelihood there will continue to be “Anonymous” groups claiming credit for attacks. The idea will live on and that video was pretty cool. Here’s a link to a transcript of the video

How to Dox Anyone

Here’s a quick and simple tutorial on doxing. I’ve been doing quite a lot of doxing lately and I’ve noticed that there are very few tutorials out there to teach beginners the art of doxing. You’re probably thinking, “Okay, so basically it’s getting information from searching someone’s email on Google right?” in a sense yes, but there are actually easier ways to get someone’s information online, which you’re going to learn on this tutorial . So lets get started.

Skills You Will Need:

  • Basic Social Engineering skills
  • Somewhere to write all the information you find
  • an anonymous email account (I use

Heres a basic form for all of the stuff you should find to make the persons dox usable:








IP address:


Operating System:

Home Address:

Phone number:

Cell Phone number:



If you want to see a completed one here’s one I’ve been working on recently:

How to get IP address?
I suggest using

On this website, you enter your e-mail, and you get a set of links. Pick any link, copy and paste, and give the link to your slave saying something similar to this “LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS”. Once clicked, the IP will be sent to your e-mail. This is where it is good to us that anonymous email you just setup.

Getting this link to them can be achieved many different ways for the most part if I have the victims phone number I send them a text that looks like it’s from their cell service provider. Sometimes asking them to click on link to confirm a setting on a account or notifing them that they have an outstanding balance on their account.

If your target has e-mailed you, you can get the IP from looking at the e-mail source. To look at the e-mail source for Windows Live users, right click on the message, and click ‘View Message Source’. When you’re looking at the source, look for this: ‘Received: by’ It will show you an IP address. This is the IP address of your target.

If your target has commented on your blog (wordpress or blogspot) you can view the IP address by looking in your comments.

Once you have the IP address of your target, go to and enter the IP of your slave. You now have the location, zip code, state, country, ISP, and operating system. Fill all this in your notepad and keep going.


Put in the e-mail of your target in Facebook search. If your slave uses Facebook, you can find out (at the minimum) their name. If your target uses Facebook but does not protect their information, you can find out loads of information.

Twitter is also a great place to look for personal information. I find that simply skimming through a users tweets can yield a lot of information. Many people have post email address, phone numbers, and even home address on their twitters that they completely forgot about. Chances are if you go look you will find something.

The PayPal Method:

When you have the e-mail of your target, login to PayPal. Transfer .01 USD to the e-mail of your slave. When sent, you will have all of the information on the PayPal account. (Name, address, phone, etc.) But this also looks rather suspicious and gives them all you account info.
Tracing Photos:
If your slave has photos online, save the photo and go to a website named
On this website, upload the picture of your target. When it is finished, you can find if this photo is uploaded on any other websites. You can also find out if the photo is fake.
If you have the name of your target, it is possible you can find the address of your slave. I suggest using the following websites:

Using these websites you can also find out their phone.

If your slave has a website, put the website in
If the website owner does not use WHOIS Guard Protect, you can find out all information about him (name, phone, address, etc.)

Relatively Free People Search Sites:

Many of these sites can give you some basic idea on people though if you want to you can pay to get even better information. (though notoriously inaccurate)
Have any other tips you use for doxing? Feel free to tell us in the comments

Using Tor as a Network Wide Proxy

Running Tor on a computer is really resource demanding as well as time consuming to start every time you restart a computer. Recently I needed to use Tor on multiple computers at the same time so instead of having to start  it on every computer I wanted use anonymously I decided to set it up as a proxy server on just one computer. There were a few modifications I had to make to Tor for it to be usable as a network proxy you can download Tor Proxy here. So far the only browser that is able to really us Tor Proxy is Firefox, so I’ll be showing you how to use it on that.

Open up your Firefox settings and go to your advanced options. Once your there select Connections and Settings.

When you open that select Manual proxy options.

You need to find the LAN IP address of the computer you are running the modified version of Tor on.  In order to do this type ifconfig into your command line. It should give information on eth0 and wlan0 under the eth0 option find your local IP address it should look something like
Once you have that you copy and paste that address into the SOCKS Host: option. Then for the port put 9100. Make sure you have SOCKS v5 selected.  After your done whenever you us Firefox you need to have the host computer turned on with the modified version of Tor running. If you want to use Firefox without  a proxy on when you don’t need it Quick Proxy is a good option.

Doing It Youself

If you don’t trust my preconfigured and optimized Tor Proxy package here’s how you can configure your own Tor Browser Bundle to support un-optimized network proxy.

  1. Navigate to Tor Browser Bundle/Data/tor/torrc

2. It should look something like above. The part you want to change is SocksListenAddress it should be changed to SocksListenAddress If you are modifying this while Tor is still running you need to shut down completely and start it a gain to be able to connect.

I really recommend that you use Tor Proxy it will give you a much faster and more fluid version of Tor when it comes to being used as a SOCKS proxy.